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Amber Ryland


Looking to get professional insight on a look that would be perfect for you? Look  no further.  I have been in the beauty industry for 17 years.  I  I specialize in all types of color, color corrections, hair extensions and cuts.  I also truly believe that communication is key.  I love to really listen to my client's needs and give them the dream hair they have been wanting.  


Lynda Ochoa


I’ve been a hairstylist for 18 years and I love it more every year. I don’t know another career that would allow me to enjoy so many wonderful people, work with amazing & brilliant women, allow me to be home with my 3 children, and have so much creative freedom.


My favorite part is helping people to find ways of falling in love with their hair. I pride myself on the consultation with clients and ongoing communication. I want everyone who sits in my chair to feel positive energy & excitement of overcoming their hair concerns or finding new colors & styles for beautiful, natural, lived in hair. Not only is it about leaving the salon with confidence, but making sure you learn how to duplicate it, as well as other ways of styling, when you go home. 


I believe in continuous education to assure modern skills, techniques, and complete understanding of our industry & product knowledge. I will always strive to learn & create a peaceful, personable environment, where everyone feels relaxed and welcomed.


Mackenzie Rackich


As a hairstylist, my goal is to give guests an enjoyable experience with the outcome of beautiful and healthy hair. I am more than just a professional in hair.  I am also an educator in the health of the hair and scalp.

I strive to make my guests happy, not just with the outcome of their hair, but also with their experience. I want my clients to leave feeling relaxed and confident. I am comfortable with letting clients enjoy a quiet appointment or having a conversation throughout.  When my clients leave happy, it is truly rewarding and makes me feel incredibly fortunate to be a hairstylist.